Ministry of Science and ICT

  • NSM
    • The NSM is tasked with maintaining the Korea Natural History Research Information System (NARIS). It also leads the collection, conservation and management of information about Korea’s biodiversity, hosts the Korean Biodiversity Information Facility and operates the Korean Biodiversity Consortium.
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    • KOBIC is responsible for maintaining the Korean Bioresource Information System (KOBIS) and linking bio data, biodiversity data with bioresources data. Other tasks include the collection, processing, analysis, statistical representation and distribution of bioresources data from home and abroad.
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    • KRIBB is in charge of conducting R&D on bioscience and biotechnology and building and maintaining relevant public infrastructure. It also makes efforts to contribute to the growth of the nation’s bioscience and biotechnology industry and address social issues.
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  • KIOM
    • KIOM carries out professional and systematic R&D on theories and techniques of Korean medicine and relevant medical practices.
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