Ministry of Health and Welfare

  • MFDS
    • The MFDS ensures the hygiene management and inspection of food and drugs and assesses the safety and efficacy of drugs. Additionally, it develops polices and plans to ensure the prevention and management of risks associated with food and drugs.
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  • KDCA
    • The KDCA is a specialized agency responsible for state-level research and control of infectious diseases. as well as bioscience research. It was elevated to agency-level status following a reshuffle in 2020.
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  • NIH
    • The NIH oversees the collection, conservation and management of pathogen resources and bioresources for health and medical purposes. The institute maintains the Infectious Disease Biomarker Database (IDBD), the National Culture Collection for Pathogens (NCCP) and the Korea Biobank Network (KBN).
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